Up to 16-24 weeks turnaround time for all flower preservation services.



Minimum investment starting at $20,000.

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Flower Decor & Event Styling

Our mission is to make your dreams come true, one petal at a time. We believe that every wedding, ever party, and every celebration is an opportunity to infuse magic into the ordinary.

Jeanna, our lead designer, understands that your event reflects your unique style and personality. She possesses a whimsical touch and ensures that every arrangement, from the smallest boutonniere to the grandest archway tells your story.

Our Process

  1. Complete the intake form: Provide information about your vision for your special day
  2. Schedule a discovery call: Meet with Jeanna and her team to discuss the details of your vision
  3. Mood board creation: Jeanna will use the information from your intake form to create a mood board of ideas, which will be reviewed during the initial meeting
  4. Preliminary quote: During the initial meeting, based on your live feedback, Jeanna will create a preliminary quote for the design
  5. Proposal / Contract: After the meeting, a proposal / contract will be sent to you for your review
  6. Pay retainer: Once you've finalized your dream design, you can pay the retainer to secure your date with us
  7. Ongoing communication: Jeanna will stay in contact with you throughout the process to gather feedback and discuss design elements
  8. Venue walkthrough: If necessary, Jeanna will visit the venue with you to better understand the layout and determine the best design elements for the space as well as communicating with the venue to ensure guidelines are followed
  9. Final payment: One month prior to the wedding date, the final payment for the service will be due
  10. Setting up on the wedding day: Jeanna will confirm setup time with you or your venue for the wedding day
  11. Bring your vision to life: On your wedding day, Jeanna and her team will come in and execute the design to bring your vision to life

This process ensures that your special day is carefully planned and executed according to your unique vision and preferences.

Happy Fairy Art knows no bounds! From enchanted forest weddings to whimsical garden parties, we have the creativity and expertise to make your vision a reality

Let's chat! Jeanna and her team are ready to bring your visions to life. Fill out our request form here to get started!